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isp.net provides reliable high-speed mobile Wi-Fi / wireless infrastructure to Public Safety, commercial and casual users through a best in class network.

isp.net operates the Wi-Fi network branded Travelers Wi-Fi on the Las Vegas Strip and around Las Vegas, which is the most dynamic market in the country. There is no way the existing wireless services available can keep up with consumer demands. The influx of business travelers is staggering. During any given week, the Las Vegas transient population can swell from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands overnight. The wireless networks in place have struggled to keep up with the demand the travelers create.

This lack of bandwidth also puts a strain on the Public Safety agencies that share public systems, causing further degradation of theInternet Wi-Fi Las Vegas networks. In the past, the Public Safety community has not had the option to co-own networks that service their future needs. Though the decision has always been difficult, the agency could either:

  1. Go on the public network for significantly less than the cost of a private network and have no guarantees of service, performance during critical situations, or

  2. Gather the massive funding required purchasing a standalone system that has to last at least 10 years and bypass many of the faster emerging technologies to be able to justify the investment and meet expectations.

isp.net has gone through a thorough evaluation of the emerging technologies and has elected to standardize its networks utilizing the microcell design. The microcells will include technology from Tropos Networks, Inc., and GO Networks. The Traveler's Wi-Fi Network incorporates the advanced microcell benefits each manufacturer offers and integrates them into the design of its wireless canopy. By utilizing a centralized control point in the Network Operation Center, isp.net can offer its customers the best features all the technologies have to offer while having one number for support, centralized billing and standard rate plans. Many of the advantages offered by the hybrid system have evolved from superior, proven, futuristic mobile data technology designed specifically for the Metro Wi-Fi implementations. isp.net's network design takes advantage of the futuristic engineering developed by these manufacturers, which ensures speedy, secure, extremely reliable mobile data service without the need for expensive and strategic tower sites. isp.net's key network advantages include, a robust secure radio transmission system with speeds of up to 54Mbps, network self-healing, and VPN support, all for today's demanding Wi-Fi user.

Ordinances are being passed in many communities to minimize the aesthetic damages caused by massive cell towers. In some communities, the numbers of towers deployed are limited, compromising the reliability of these systems. isp.net's network design eliminates the need for numerous bulky cell sites! Because of the distributed design of the network architecture, centralized cell towers, strategic site facilities and expensive land leases are eliminated.

isp.net's goal is to blanket the markets in the Southwestern corridor with its networks through a selective and exclusive franchise program. The market conditions in Las Vegas are not unique, and probably exist in your city. There may be a joint venture opportunity looming in your municipality. If you are interested in becoming an isp.net exclusive Authorized Franchisee, please contact us at sales@isp.net. Join our growing markets in Nevada; Las Vegas, Boulder City, Primm, Pahrump. In California, we run Baker and the San Diego Fairgrounds.

isp.net also operates Wi-Fi networks in hotels, campgrounds, large public venues and remote construction sites. Our Technology will help untether you with the freedom of wireless technology. Contact us now to discuss options for your location at sales@isp.net.

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