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Are you considering installing high speed Wi-Fi Internet for a campus? provides Wi-Fi Internet for campuses via our high speed wireless microwave network. Campuses can benefit from providing a widely accessible Wi-Fi network connection to improve the quality of Internet service for all users.

Campuses have many potential Internet users within a relatively small space. Because there are only a limited number of unlicensed frequencies available for Internet use, it is important that users access the Internet in a managed system so that unnecessary signal interference caused by using the same radio frequencies at the same time can be avoided. Choosing high speed Wi-Fi for campus Internet service can reduce the number of unmanaged Internet connections in a small area. Multiple users can access the Internet at the same point and have Internet use allocated among available frequencies. This can improve the quality of service compared to an uncoordinated use of frequencies. High speed Wi-Fi Internet is also easier to use from any location than a wired connection and there is no concern about inconveniences involved with wired connections.

Wi-Fi Internet service is provided through's high speed microwave network.'s network uses a series of microwave relays located throughout Nevada. Microwave transmissions travel at close to the speed of light.'s network provides speeds of up to 1Gbps without difficulty. It is designed for 99.999% uptime with unmatched flexibility and redundancy. has over 18 years of experience providing the best in Internet service to Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Over the years, has expanded its network and developed its capabilities.'s microwave network is time tested and our technicians are trained and experienced.

If you are considering Wi-Fi Internet for a campus, please call at 702.900.0000. We can install campus Wi-Fi networks almost anywhere in Nevada, as well as in some parts of Arizona and Southern California.

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