Fields or Large Areas

Are you considering Wi-Fi Internet service for a temporary event in an outdoor area? can provide Wi-Fi Internet service in large open areas and fielded areas throughout Nevada with top tier high speed microwave Internet.

Network signals travel at close to the speed of light.'s network provides Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps without trouble. Microwave broadcast can travel for miles between relays. It can serve remote, isolated areas throughout Nevada including fields and large, open areas.'s high speed microwave Wi-Fi Internet is a good option to provide service in these areas.

Because there are a limited number of unlicensed radio frequencies, when multiple Internet users are close together and access the Internet with independent connections, their use of radio frequencies can conflict and cause signal interference. It is often better for users to share one or a limited number of Internet access points in a managed environment to reduce signal interference and potentially increase the quality of Internet service for all users. Providing Wi-Fi Internet in large open areas and fields is a better option than allowing guests to access the Internet in an unmanaged way. No cable is required for service. There is no inconvenience for users of locating network jacks. has been providing the best in Internet service for over 18 years. Our network is time tested. We are ready and able to provide high speed Wi-Fi Internet almost anywhere in Nevada, including in fields, remote areas, and other large areas. If you are considering Wi-Fi Internet service in Nevada in a remote field or large open area, please give us a call at 702.900.0000. We have the experience and capabilities to install the best in high speed Wi-Fi Internet in fields and large open areas in Nevada on any scale imaginable.

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