Construction Sites Wi-Fi provides Wi-Fi Internet for construction sites in Nevada. Personnel in construction areas benefit from increased communication capabilities that can be made available from the use of onsite high speed Internet. Wired Internet options are more difficult to install than Wi-Fi Internet for use on project sites. The flexibility offered by wireless microwave Wi-Fi Internet makes Wi-Fi a sound alternative to cable options for Internet access in construction areas. is able to install and maintain high speed Wi-Fi Internet on almost any type of construction area, and can sometimes install a connection in one day. Service is provided through’s top tier microwave network. In a smaller size space with multiple Internet users, signal interference can occur when Internet connections attempt to use a limited number of radio frequencies. Overlapping use of unlicensed frequencies from multiple users in a small area can cause one person's use of the Internet to impair another's Internet use. If signals from all Internet users are coordinated and managed through one Internet access point, or a limited number of access points, better results can be obtained and signal interference reduced.

Microwave media permits signals to travel at close to the speed of light in a line of sight path. Because the path a microwave signal travels is constant, it is sometimes a shorter route than a signal travels in a cable network if the cable network is not designed to carry signals in straight direction.'s microwave network permits Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps without trouble. will install high speed wireless Wi-Fi Internet access at construction sites across Nevada. If you need high speed Wi-Fi for a construction site, please call at 702.900.0000. We have the experience and capabilities to provide for high speed Internet service on any scale imaginable.

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