Installation Process Internet Service requires a clear Line of Sight (LOS) from your home or business to our network. Standard installation includes mounting an antenna on the exterior of the building and running a cable from it to the inside. Please note that the type of mount that will be used varies depending on your roof type and visibility.

  • From the roof, the Technician will locate the best available signal to achieve LOS for your location. Equipment will then be installed either by wall mount or roof mount (mount used is dependent upon obtaining the best internet signal) affixed to your home or building. After the mount is installed, the Technician will align the equipment to achieve optimal signal reception.

  • The Technician will run the cable from the outside where the installed equipment is to the inside to connect to your device or router (if any). The Technician will either have to drill a small hole to enter the structure or use an existing penetration. If the Technician has to drill, s/he will use a cable plug inside and out and seal all exterior hole(s).

  • Finally, the Technician will test the internet connection. Three tests will be conducted to verify appropriate speeds are achieved: Two separate tests with the Technician’s computer and one with your device or router. We perform these tests to ensure the signal strength and internet browsing is functioning properly.

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