City Wi-Fi Networks

Are you considering installing a Wi-Fi network that covers an entire city area? has the capabilities to design and service a city Wi-Fi network almost anywhere in Nevada.

A city Wi-Fi network can benefit numerous public users as well as city employees and city service providers. There are a limited number of unlicensed frequencies available to wirelessly access the Internet. When there is a high density of Internet users, and more than one user attempts to access the same frequency at the same time, signal interference occurs that impairs Internet use. The best Internet service can be obtained by limiting the number of points of access to the Internet and allocating Internet use of multiple users among available unlicensed frequencies.

Offering a city wide Wi-Fi network reduces the number of people accessing the Internet in an uncoordinated manner and reduces signal interference. Allowing the public to use Wi-Fi to do work can reduce the need for people to travel within the city during times of heavy traffic. This can help reduce unnecessary travel, as well as possibly help reduce traffic congestion.

A city that has its employees work remotely at times and do work using a city wide Wi-Fi network allows its employees to work more effectively. Employees that work at and away from their office by using Wi-Fi have the ability to better manage their time by reducing unnecessary travel. City service providers have a tool that can increase their ability to do their job both on site and in a mobile manner.'s Wi-Fi network operates by microwave broadcast. Microwave transmission travels at close to the speed of light.'s microwave network provides Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps without trouble, and installation is hassle free.

If you are planning on installing a city wide Wi-Fi network anywhere in Nevada, please give a call at 702.900.0000. We have over 18 years of experience providing the best in Internet service. has a time tested microwave network that will deliver the best in top tier microwave Wi-Fi Internet for any city Wi-Fi need.

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