Higher Education

The online world in more recent times has impacted activities and transformed traditional structures. This has produced to some extent new uncertainty as to what the future might look like, considering the prevalence of online activities, functions, and its effect on everyday living. Institutions of higher learning are challenged with evaluating the potential uses of internet technologies to advance their own educational purposes. Virtual environments can raise questions about the value of in-person learning compared to online methods. Educational institutions preparing students for what to expect in the future consider how the fast development of technology fits in with their role and how it could be used in their institutions.

There are new possibilities available through internet use that could enhance education, but which also could produce environments which are more withdrawn from traditional interactive experiences. Economies of scale are possible through the use of online technologies, allowing larger class sizes and widespread dissemination of lectures and materials. Digital coursework can provide for more effective delivery of education in some situations. Economies of scale could also assist in making higher education more affordable. Use of internet technologies could allow for customized education programs and the ability to participate from remote locations. To the extent that live interaction is not required from students, materials could be made available online which allow students to customize their own schedule to fit their own particular needs. Providing course work using online mediums could also allow universities to deliver greater education to the general public through digital courses.

Considering the impact that online technologies have had in recent times, it seems likely that institutions of higher learning will offer more online courses and make greater use of technology in preparing students in how to utilize it. isp.net has been providing the highest quality internet service in the Southern Nevada area for more than 17 years. We are able to deliver high speed internet on any scale to meet the online needs of any academic environments.

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