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Hotels can benefit from offering Wi-Fi to guests and in business centers. With the widespread use of Internet and its increasing availability in almost every hospitality-focused establishment, people and businesses are using the Internet at a level that is changing the provisioning of high speed Internet access to hotel guests and business clientele into a necessity. There is a growing need to provide high speed Internet access in hotels in order to meet what has become an industry status quo.

Hotels can benefit from providing Wi-Fi both because of the increased demand for Internet service in the hospitality context and because Wi-Fi Internet service can potentially be provided at a lower cost when it is used on a large scale. There can be other reasons for hotels to make Wi-Fi service available as well. Hotels have the ability to provide higher quality Internet for their guests. Additionally, if guests use other options of obtaining Internet access inside a hotel, the use could cause signal interference. Having one Wi-Fi network provided by a hotel for all of its guests can better manage use of the Internet service in close proximity. It can reduce signal interference between multiple wireless Internet connections and route multiple signals through a single point of access. Hotels that provide Wi-Fi to their guests are able to offer the most up-to-date technology and demonstrate a high level of hospitality service in an environment where convenience is valued.

High speed Wi-Fi service from is one of the best options for delivering high speed Internet to hotel guests and at business conference centers. Wi-Fi eliminates the need for a cable installation. Service is provided through's high speed microwave network which is top tier, and time tested. We have been providing the best in Internet service for over 18 years, and have the capabilities to provide for high speed Internet requirements on any scale, almost anywhere in Nevada.

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