High Speed Internet Access for Rural Schools

High speed internet service can play a significant role in modern education, providing substantial benefits for students and functioning as a technology that promotes learning. It is used in schools in order to meet educational needs of students, and to integrate technology into a program of modern education. Many believe that the use of high speed broadband in the classroom setting has the potential to improve the quality of education, and can assist students in realizing their potential. High speed broadband and cloud-based applications are expected to become increasingly used in schools in the future.

Students using high speed internet can obtain knowledge in areas of their own interest from their activities online. Internet access can improve students' ability to complete a greater amount of work and allow them to better plan their schedules to potentially use their time more effectively. Access to high speed internet provides teachers with tools to be more effective, enabling them to practice the most modern methods of teaching. High speed internet can allow schools to offer a greater variety of courses as well as support online testing to satisfy federal requirements. Broadband fiber connections can support cloud based education platforms, online video communication tools, and multimedia projects.

Rural area schools should have access to similar resources as schools in urban areas in order to ensure rural area students are not placed at a disadvantage. However, availability of internet outside metropolitan areas can be inconsistent. When it is available, speed and reliability of internet provided can vary. Higher costs of fiber installation in areas with low populations can make it more difficult for users to obtain service, and many schools located in these areas have difficulty obtaining reliable high speed connectivity that meets their needs.

Many rural area students spend long hours every day on school buses with limited or no access to broadband, and have limited use of high speed broadband at home, when school assignments often necessitate the use of high speed broadband. Students' lack of access to internet can potentially impair their ability to complete assigned homework. Some schools have tried to facilitate students' use of the internet by providing them with access to school networks and internet facilities, as well as seeking off-premises locations for students to use which allow free internet use to the general public. It can be possible in some areas to utilize portable or mobile hotspots in order to supply internet access to students with insufficient internet access at home, and to provide wi-fi hotspots on school buses which allow students to make use of their commuting time.

Rural area schools will most likely need a fiber connection in order to meet their high speed connectivity goals. isp.net can provide quality high speed internet to rural schools anywhere in Nevada.

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