Private Point-to-Point (P2P) Business Networks

Benefits of Microwave vs Fiber

A Point-to-Point (P2P) Private Business Network is a telecommunications link that connects two computers or networks in different geographical locations with a dedicated circuit, either fiber-optic cable, metro-Ethernet, or wireless. P2P Private Networks provide a high bandwidth, reliable, secure data link between locations that may exist in a metropolitan area or even across multiple states. P2P Private Business Network connections have many advantages over Internet-based business networks including improved security for communications between a company's additional locations, optimal data transmission capability, cost effectiveness and versatility. P2P Private Networks are capable of bandwidth speeds from 1.544Mbps (T-1) up to 1Gbps or more, allowing businesses to support all their voice, data and video needs.

We offer both local and interstate fiber-optic networks, as well as a Point-to-Point Wireless Metro Link

Private Metro Link

Private Metro Links are P2P networks between computers that are both located within the same city. These Metro Link Networks involve only local telecommunications companies to establish the link. These connections are also commonly referred to as IntraLATA (Local Access and Transport Area).

Interstate Private P2P Network
Interstate Private Networks, also known as InterLATA, establish a private network between two computers located in separate cities. Computers networking in an Interstate Private Network require a local telecom to connect just like a Private Metro Link requires, however, to establish the link between the two opposing local loops, one or more connections must be completed through a long distance carrier's Point of Presence (POP). Interstate Private P2P Networks can reach destinations in neighboring states, as well as span 48 contiguous states, if desired. The cost of an Interstate Private Network is dependent on the distance of each LATA from the nearest POP, and the bandwidth provisioned for the link.

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Network Reliability
Our network core is designed to achieve 99.999% uptime reliability. This is done by the following methods:
a) Licensed Carrier-Grade Radios on all major backbone points
b) Multiple transit links to each tower utilizing OSPF and a mesh topology to fail over between routes
c) Reporting and alerting of usage or port errors on all equipment allowing for pro-active management and maintenance
d) Redundant power design
e) All equipment used is standardized and kept in a "cold spare" state in case of equipment failure
f) Network is designed to allow for burst traffic of 3x max load for throughput and packets per second and utilizes a cisco-backed layer-3 switching topology Wireless Metro Link is a wireless point-to-point private business network that connects any two locations in the Las Vegas valley securely at bandwidth speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second (Will weather affect our wireless service?). The Wireless Metro Link offers an advantage over traditional fiber-optic cables because it eliminates costs associated with provisioning connections with the telecom company. Wireless Metro Link Networks are available locally only. If an interstate private connection is required, a provisioned cable link is necessary.

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