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Enterprise-level Features and Benefits

Whether the business is large or small, businesses compete. They compete for the attention of their target audience. They compete to keep their customers' loyalty and satisfaction. Therefore, they look for a competitive edge over their competition. Small businesses deserve the same competitive advantage as their large counterparts, but rarely can afford the solution. This is not the case with Hosted VoIP phone service. Hosted VoIP platforms include the same features and benefits of an enterprise-level phone system all in an affordable package, perfect for businesses of all sizes.


isp.net’s VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology is more affordable than you may think. The monetary value business and homeowners place on technology is the main reason why isp.net’s VoIP service has been so widely adopted in the marketplace. On average isp.net’s clients have saved over 50% compared to their traditional phone bill. If you are considering switching to VoIP technology despite not fully understanding how it works, consider this: if you already have isp.net High Speed Internet service in your home, then you’re halfway there for having a VoIP system installed.

isp.net designed our VoIP system specifically with saving you money in mind. The cost is lower but the phone service you’ll receive is equal to, if not a better quality, than what you will receive with an old fashion landline. Another benefit of VoIP: NO unexpected surprises on your bill.  You will never pay more than the monthly rate you agree to when you sign up with isp.net. A bonus for you is the ability to port over your existing telephone number. Call isp.net today to find out more about our VoIP service and our prices.


All businesses need to be nimble. They expand and contract as the market opportunity dictates. They need a phone system that can grow with them and match their level of nimbleness. With Hosted VoIP, businesses can add phones when and where they need them. Business do not have to overbuild a phone system to accommodate growth, but only add phones as they grow. Also, because they are connected to a cloud based system and not a system housed in their office, they are able to deploy phones wherever they need. If their growth necessitates phones in another location isp.net's Hosted VoIP phone service can accommodate their needs. To the caller, they would have no idea where the phone calls are being answered!

Competitive Advantage

Large-Scale PBX services for any size business. VoiceNet with isp.net provides enterprise-level features, monthly cost savings, a low cost of purchase, flexibility in deployment, and avoid obsolescence!

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