Colocation Las Vegas

The Las Vegas colocation hosting facility delivers enterprise-class security amenities, flexible bandwidth, storage and rack space options, around-the-clock technical support and monitoring capabilities, and convenient maintenance hours for accessing equipment to colocation and hosting clients. Our Las Vegas colocation facility is a superior-grade data center designed specifically for safeguarding your servers and equipment and providing a reliable, sustainable location for storing, transmitting and receiving your valuable informational assets.

The Network Operations Center (NOC)is constructed inside a former bank vault that has been outfitted with unmatched power supplies, an emergency backup generator, and redundant climate control systems. Data center offers unparalleled security imparted by 4ft-thick steel walls. Within the data center, servers and equipment are outfitted with optimal features for sustained stability including:

  • redundant power supplies and backup diesel power generator
  • heating, ventilation, air-conditioning control
  • BGP backbone connections to the Internet with unlimited bandwidth available
  • non-liquid flame extinguishing system
  • bio-metric access control
  • video surveillance and 6 month archive of all videos
  • centralized UPS, dual facilities connected by fiber optic cables and dependable microwave communications assuring uptime colocation services
  • 24/7/365 technical support which is ready to help you anytime

The exterior of the building that houses the NOC employs video surveillance covering every inch of the building's perimeter. Additional safeguarding is accomplished by way of 24-hour armed patrol.

Technical Support

The ISP.Net NOC is continually monitored by a staff of network professionals committed to maintaining stable facility operations. Automated monitoring capabilities of the NOC log the status of every IP address registered at ISP.Net. In the event of a server dropping its connection, the NOC's automated system alerts a network specialist with details of the event via text message. ISP.Net support staff is never unavailable to return immediate response time.

Colocation : Definition

Colocation is the process of moving a server from a location where Internal resources are limited to a secure data center equipped with optimal Internet and power connections. After a colocated server is housed in one of the server racks and installed and configured, the server can then be maintained remotely by the servers' owners.

Who Needs Colocation?

Companies that share insufficient bandwidth resources for their individual use of the Internet, along with a demanding server load on the network, are perfect candidates for colocation. Businesses in this situation will benefit the most and the benefits outweigh any additional cost required.

While colocation may cost more than traditional web hosting, having the peace of mind knowing your equipment and data are safely stored is the most valuable prize. Colocation in the ISP.Net NOC is affordable for anyone. We have low cost plans starting at $100 per month, and offer server leasing.

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