Point-to-Multipoint Business Networks

Now providing High Speed Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Internet across Southern Nevada, Las Vegas and beyond.

A point-to-multipoint network is a network that can connect one radio on one of our point of presence (POP) locations to multiple radios/transmitters at customer locations. isp.net can install a high speed point-to-multipoint network for a very reasonable cost compared to point-to-point connections where we must dedicated a node per customer. A point-to-multipoint network can provide high bandwidth and is dependable regardless of the weather or other environmental concerns. With a high speed point-to-multipoint network, businesses can support many of their multimedia applications with the added advantage of high upload rates.

isp.net has over 18 years of experience providing Internet support. We deliver the stability and reliability for network connections that can't fail. Our microwave network is best-in-class and more robust with less latency then fiber optic links, cable or DSL, and we are the best choice for high speed shared Internet access (i.e. cable is a shared medium). isp.net is able to provide high speed Internet access at any scale. We have the ability to provide high speed point-to-multipoint Internet access for any convention, show, or event. Microwave Internet is resilient no matter the climate or altitude, and our point-to-multipoint connections stay up and running when ground space based alternatives often fail.

isp.net can provide point-to-multipoint Internet anywhere that has line of sight to our microwave network, which includes almost anywhere in Nevada and some parts of surrounding states. Point-to-multipoint Internet can be installed in almost anywhere power is available (even solar power is a viable an option.) This includes lodging facilities, office complexes, RV parks, and areas of vacant land in the middle of the desert.

isp.net's point-to-multipoint microwave network can provide Internet speeds of up to 20Mbps without difficulty (greater speeds up to 1Gbps are available through our point-to-point services.) Installation of a high speed wireless microwave point-to-multipoint connection is hassle free and isp.net guarantees that our high speed wireless microwave network will meet your business Internet needs.

A microwave connection has much less network equipment for data to flow through than a fiber cable connection due to signal traveling as the crow files. This directly translates to less latency and higher availability. There are therefore fewer possibilities of equipment issues that could disrupt the network connection compared to cable, DSL or fiber.

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