Benefits of Microwave vs Fiber

ISP.Net has the fastest Microwave infrastructure in the Las Vegas Valley. From 1Mbps to 1000+Mbps. All around southern Nevada ISP.Net can provide you with 1st class Microwave or wireless Internet service. A city-wide fiber network has many more points that it has to traverse through to get to the final point then a microwave network. This means going through many switches or routers for data to arrive at the destination. If any of these points breaks, often the network is down. With microwave communications, data flies through the air as the crow flies from its source. If the destination does not have line-of-sight access, the ISP.Net network allows it to bounce of one or more towers to its destination. Less hardware means less points of failure, no chance a backhoe will dig up a fiber line and less conversions between copper and fiber optic light. When milliseconds matter, microwave networks can provide the least amount latency because the path is the quickest and there are less pieces of equipment to go through.

Cost Savings - When comparing the costs of a microwave link vs. the cost of fiber or the ongoing monthly cost of leased lines, microwave always offers considerable savings. A carrier charges high ongoing monthly costs and often requires a lengthy contract just to connect two buildings in a campus environment that are less than 1/2 mile apart. If fiber does not exist, the cost to install is very high. With a microwave system, the costs always result in a break even analysis of just a few months and almost always under a year and the considerable monthly costs are avoided or minimal (annual service contract). Some customers do not have money in their capital equipment budgets, and in that case, they can choose to lease their microwave equipment utilizing their operating budget and a cost comparison with leased lines or new fiber always results in the microwave systems as the most cost effective solution.

Lead Time of Installation - It takes many months or longer to get leased lines and/or new fiber implemented. With the newer radio technology today, especially with short haul radio systems, a customer can have up to a gigabit connection between two buildings installed and up and running in a day.

Reliability - With fiber or leased lines, just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't break. Customers have called looking for a quick radio solution after they have lost all phone and data connections between two sites as a result of a man-hole fire or some other disaster in the street. After observing how quickly a link can be installed a business often decides to install a microwave solution or like many of Side Band's customers, they choose to install microwave as a backup for fiber or leased lines when it would be disastrous for the business to lose communications between the two sites. It's always a good idea to have backup for critical applications for system redundancy.

Microwave Private Point-to-Point Internet

ISP.Net Microwave Metro Link is a wireless point-to-point private business network that connects any two locations in the Las Vegas valley securely at bandwidth speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second. The Wireless Metro Link offers an advantage over traditional fiber-optic cables because it eliminates costs associated with provisioning connections with the telecom company. ISP.Net Wireless Metro Link Networks are available locally only. If an interstate private connection is required, a provisioned cable link is necessary.

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