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Do you need High Speed Internet or Wifi for a convention or other temporary event in Sandy Valley? has the resources and support staff to satisfy any and all High Speed Internet access requirements in Sandy Valley. For over 20 years has provided unmatched internet access in Southern Nevada. Our company's top tier network, experience, technical know-how, and wide coverage area offer the promise of superior High Speed Internet in Sandy Valley.'s network uses microwave transmission and radio relays. Microwave transmission moves between relays at close to the speed of light. The Network provides internet access at speeds of up to 1000 Mbps without difficulty, and is designed with unmatched redundancy and flexibility for dependability and best performance. It does not require use of fiber cable over distances covered by wireless microwave transmission.

We have experience in providing Rural High Speed Microwave Internet to areas that are otherwise inaccessible to other ISPs because of a lack of local infrastructure readily available for full scale use. can service any location in Nevada no matter whether there is a fiber cable infrastructure available or not. We install service in any place, whether it's multi-story buildings, office facilities, lodging establishments, remote desert areas, or a private family home.

High Speed Wireless Microwave Internet from allows users to avoid the inconvenience and downside of fiber cable installation while still obtaining the benefits of High Speed Internet. There is no worry about potentially expensive installation and maintenance of fiber cable. Installation of High Speed Wireless Microwave Internet is hassle-free and can sometimes be done in as little as one day.

Use of our Wireless Microwave Network has grown throughout the years, and continues to grow on a daily basis. We have brought on new and dedicated staff to serve this need.'s capabilities have increased with our larger staff and their collective years of experience. Technical staff that handle all support issues are very knowledgeable in how to best resolve any complications and maintain the best performance of the High Speed Wireless Microwave Network.

With our boundless capabilities and dependable support team you can rest assured that we will meet any internet access need in Sandy Valley as well as keep your connection up and running without compromise.

No application is too small for to handle. And no requirements are too great. is able to provide the stability and expertise to deliver maximum High Speed Wireless Internet on any scale. If you need quality High Speed Internet Service in Sandy Valley, please give us a call at 702.900.0000.

We look forward to demonstrating the benefits that our service can provide for business or personal use, and are confident that you will be satisfied with your choice to use as your High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider in Sandy Valley.

Have a convention or in need of temporary High Speed Internet 5Mbps to 1000Mbps and up in Sandy Valley call us now 702.900.0000 for a quote or email us.

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