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For 32 years, Highway Radio has been broadcasting the Vibe of Las Vegas and Laughlin, reaching the largest single market of tourists heading to Southern Nevada.

Highway Radio is a network of strategically placed radio towers that create complete continuous coverage over 40,000 square miles of the Mojave Desert and the Southern Nevada pipelines - Interstate 15, U.S. Highway 93/95 and Interstate 40 - allowing you to reach millions of travelers and hundreds of thousands of Mojave residents. With 400,000 watts of power to insure high-quality reception throughout the desert and in the local Las Vegas Marketplace, advertisers can have an intimate conversation with tourists over the four- to six-hour period they are en route to Las Vegas and Laughlin.

With three distinct stations, each with their own personality and unique listenership, Highway Radio reaches everyone no matter what their listening preferences. The Vibe plays the best of the pop and dance charts of today; The Drive has the best rock of yesterday and today; and Highway Country serves up chart-topping country. With so many options, Highway Radio has something for everyone and advertisers can benefit from our unique positioning.

Highway Radio is without peers as the only broadcaster serving this massive influx of travelers, with up-to-the-minute traffic, weather and Las Vegas and Laughlin information, day and night.

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