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Are you searching for High Speed Internet or Wi-Fi for a meeting, convention, or event in Moapa?

We are We can provide High Speed Wireless Internet service to Moapa and places where High Speed Internet does not otherwise exist. We have been supplying Southern Nevada for over 20 years with quality internet service, and are ready and waiting to hear from you.

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You can count on to have the experience and ability to supply all High Speed Wireless Microwave Internet needs in Moapa. Our wireless microwave network is top tier and can easily provide full scale high speed wireless internet access to most all rural areas in the state. We can even reach some of the bordering areas of California and Arizona. With you are assured quality and dependability. Your connection will stay up and running no matter what the situation is or the weather conditions.

The areas that our network serves are growing every day. Over the years, we have added extra staff to meet the growing demand. Whether it is Primm Valley, Mesquite, Pahrump, the Las Vegas metro area, or isolated locales in the middle of the desert, is there and will continue to be there for new clients who are searching for a new type of High Speed Internet service.

With's High Speed Wireless Microwave Internet there are no worries. Installation is easy and there are no fiber optic cables to be maintained over distances covered by microwave transmissions. The microwave connection can even be up and running in as little as one day. The speed of our High Speed Wireless Microwave network is comparable to fiber cable, and in some cases possesses a greater level of efficiency.

You might be wondering how is able to provide these different types of benefits. We use High Speed microwave transmission as the basis of our network. Microwave radio transmission moves at close to the speed of light in a "line of sight" path. The distances covered by Wireless Microwave transmissions are miles.

Because microwave transmission travels in a line of sight path, the distance covered by the data transmission can be shorter than with fiber cable. With fiber cable, the data sometimes passes through more indirect routes and switches to get to the end location. The issue of latency that affects overall speed that a network operates at can be more favorable with microwave transmission compared to cable. With microwave transmission the data transmission sometimes passes through less hardware and switches on the path to its destination.'s network is able to achieve speeds of up to 1 Gbps (1000Mbps) without troubles or issues.'s technical support team is trained and knowledgeable. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Their goal is to provide solutions in an efficient manner and promote the best internet performance.

If you are searching for High Speed Internet or Wi-Fi for a meeting, convention, or event in Moapa, is a top choice. Please call us at 702.900.0000 for a quote or email us to discuss what can do for you.

Have a convention or in need of temporary High Speed Internet 5Mbps to 1000Mbps and up in Moapa call us now 702.900.0000 for a quote or email us.

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