Mac OS X Dial Up Connection

If you are using Macintosh OS 10.2 you may be able to use the Setup Assistant to setup your Dialup connection.
Click here for OS 10.2 Dial Up instructions.

Click the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.

In the System Preferences window, click Network. Set the Location to Automatic, and Show to Modem Port.

Click the TCP/IP tab.

  • Choose to Configure using PPP
  • Enter and into the Domain Name Servers box.
  • Enter for the Search Domains.

Click the PPP tab.

  • Enter for the Service Provider.
  • Type in your Local Access Number into the Telephone Number box.
  • If you have more than one local access number, you can enter another into the Alternate Number box.
  • Enter your username into the Account Name box, and your password into the Password box. Your username should be lowercase with no spaces.

Click the PPP Options button. Check these two Session options, all other session options are your choice:

  • Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications
  • Disconnect when user logs out

The following Advanced Options should be checked:

  • Send PPP echo packets
  • Use TCP header compression

Click OK.
Click the Proxies tab. does not use proxy servers. These options should NOT be checked.
Click the Modem tab. Choose your modem from the pop up menu. (If your modem came with your computer, it will most likely be listed as Apple Internal 56K Modem (v.90)).

  • Turn the Sound to On.
  • If your phone system uses Rotary (Pulse) dialing, change the option to Pulse.
  • Put a check mark next to Wait for dial tone before dialing.

Click Save.

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