Las Vegas High Speed Convention Internet

Convention High Speed Microwave Wireless Internet provided by ISP.Net is without peer. Need high speed wireless at your next Las Vegas event, show, or convention? ISP.Net can provide service within a day at speeds of up to 1Gbps anywhere here at ISP.Net. Our staff and capabilities have grown to meet the demands of any task. No matter what the distance, size, or scope, ISP.Net will be there to provide quality high speed service for all your convention or event needs.

Featuring dependable 24/7 support and a time-tested network, ISP.Net provides the highest standard of customer reliability. Our network is built upon a foundation of flexibility and redundancy, allowing our connections to stay up and running when the competition fails. Because of this our service extends throughout Southern Nevada, serving Primm Valley, Boulder City, Pahrump, various cities in California. In addition, ISP.Net's network is capable of working anywhere whether it's a park, fairground, gym, or something entirely different. Featuring new clients daily and a perfect track record, ISP.Net is among the best in providing high speed convention Internet.

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