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Las Vegas dial up Internet is the most basic of the all the Internet connections offered by isp.net. Although the speed of dial up is somewhat outdated, for many of our clients, dial up is a failsafe backup connection that can be reliably used anywhere nationwide. Despite being a vegas-based dial up ISP, dial up customers have the benefit of using their dial up connection with thousands of local access phone numbers throughout the United States and Canada.

isp.net is a Las Vegas Based dial up Internet Service Provider that offers Local Access Numbers for the United States and Canada with 24/7 based support.

Nationwide Local Dial Up Access Numbers

isp.net Dial Up offers local calling from anywhere, and is reasonably priced. As with all isp.net Internet services, technical support for your dial up connection is available 24/7/365. 

Dial Up Internet Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is dial up Internet access?

Dial up Internet is a form of data access which uses a modem to connect a computer by means of a standard telephone line. The modem dials into a node to establish a modem-to-modem link. Once this connection is accomplished, your computer link is then routed to the Internet.

What equipment is needed for isp.net dial up Internet access?

Dial up Internet access requires a modem (usually built into your computer) and your regular telephone line. Dial up Internet customers configure their computer (assistance is available from the Las Vegas-based support center) to access the Las Vegas dial up System, or another dial up Internet System with toll-free numbers from isp.net access list. When a computer connects to one of the isp.net dial up Internet Systems, a two way connection is established between the computer and the Internet.

What are the benefits of dial up Internet service?

Dial up Internet Access is the most affordable and widely available method used for connecting to the Internet from your home or office computer. isp.net offers the best dial up Internet Service available and provides rock-solid connections to Las Vegas dial up customers located Nationwide and in Canada. isp.net customers pay only local-call fees to connect to the same Internet access regardless of their location. Support for all of customers is available 24/7.

How do I get local dial up access numbers when I am outside of Las Vegas?

Simply refer to the isp.net dial up access numbers list for a local number from any location across the U.S. and Canada. 

isp.net Dial Up Service Pricing

  • No Setup Fee
  • Monthly billing required to pay by Credit Card
  • Quarterly/Semi-Annual/Annual billing can pay by Cash,
    Check or Credit Card
  • .00 per month
  • .00 per quarter
  • .00 Semi-Annually
  • .00 Annually

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