High Rise Condos High Speed Internet

isp.net’s high availability data centers in Las Vegas along with our tier 1 licensed wireless backbone provide isp.net with the ability to install the quickest and most cost effective high speed Internet in high-rise condos that service multiple units.  isp.net’s high speed microwave Internet has the performance and power of fiber cable and can be installed in your high-rise condo virtually overnight.

High speed microwave Internet from isp.net can be added to your condo without the expense or burden associated with installing fiber cable, and at a much lower cost.  isp.net’s experienced staff will create an entry link with full failover.  There will never be an individual point where the full network will go down if the one point fails.  isp.net’s experienced technicians will install a fiber backbone in your high rise condo and connect all units.  Each unit will receive independent use of the Internet as well as an enterprise grade firewall.  isp.net’s different plans allow high rise condos to more effectively provide access to high speed Internet by receiving Internet service in volume and distributing it to individual units.  Service can also be provided directly to end users when needed.

isp.net has plans that provide the best quality service to high rise condo tenants and create revenue for owners.  Call us today to consider how isp.net can equip your high rise condo with the best in high speed Internet and to take full advantage of our different service plans.

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