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Broadband access has become a staple at conventions and virtually all professionals need quality high-speed Internet service to conduct their business. Unfortunately, traditional cable broadband has limited flexibility and portability.'s wireless technology has enabled us to virtually eliminate these challenges and overcome almost any obstacle. The primary goals of every convention are to see both exhibitors and attendees happy with the facility and generate business from the event.

With's Broadband Internet, conventioneers can expect to:

  • Provide wireless Internet connections direct to exhibitor booths
  • Allow exhibitors to demonstrate their products and applications
  • Enable convention attendees to keep track of each other
  • Keep convention attendees in touch with office, family and friends
  • Make it possible for attendees to use wireless GPS technology to locate hotels, restaurants and other local destinations
  • Allow convention attendees to use handheld devices to check e-mail and access other wireless data applications
  • Generate new income opportunities by offering Wireless Broadband service

Experience shows that's POP on Wheels (POW) provide quality, high-speed microwave Internet access for any conventions you might have.


Your convention usually requires high speed Internet access, VoIP, fax services for your exhibitors to showcase the news immediately. The problem? The convention’s territory sometimes doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth in the whole area to supply the vendors which need those resources.
The second problem can be logistics because access can be needed in the areas where facilities have no power outlets and no accessible networking cables.

Solution can provide over 400 megabits of bandwidth with its POW utilizing the latest in microwave connectivity technology to get an abundance of bandwidth to the event.

The POW is a trailer that has been configured to provide remote redundant power and contains sophisticated wireless and networking gear that can be configured to serve any type of event.

How it was done before? Once the initial network link had been setup, the next step was distributing the network to the exhibitors which were all spread out through the runway. In addition to getting the network to various remote sites, each vendor needed to be on a completely separated and isolated secure network. This was accomplished with individual point to point links to tripods carrying client radios that would handle up to 150mbps.
Not content with just an internal isolated cabled remote office, many vendors also wanted the ability to walk around throughout the event and utilize Wi-Fi on their laptops, iPads and smart phones. This was accomplished with our proprietary metropolitan mesh Wi-Fi system which allowed for seamless roaming throughout the event while still accessing their private networks securely.

Instead of just dropping off a cable like most Internet service providers do, goes the extra mile to make sure everything is implemented smoothly during the event by providing advanced network technicians on campus throughout the event. These certified network technicians setup VoIP, fax lines, and VPNs for the exhibitors so they can communicate with their home offices and even take orders onsite using their internal LAN applications.


Overall because of's experience, pre-planning and dynamic integration techniques, your event will go off without a hitch. The system even can provide the capability of supporting video-conferencing on the network without any sort of lag or jitter. can provide this technology at your next event. Contact us or call 702-900-0000.

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