Construction Site High Speed Wireless Internet

Are you working on a construction site and are in need of high speed internet services? With ISP.Net, we can deliver High Speed Wireless Internet service to any construction site in Nevada, no matter the size or scope of the project. Ideal for massive construction projects like mega-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip or solar farms in remote areas, ISP.Net provides the fastest and most dependable internet service available. Our competitors don't have the ability to do the things we can do in the areas we can reach at a price you can afford. The internet service is comparable regardless of the location, the service impeccable regardless of the customer, and the technical experience on-par with much larger companies. Customers on a construction site can access the internet at speeds near 1 GBps.

ISP.Net's Wireless Network Infrastructure is massive, extending our operational capabilities beyond traditional densely-populated areas. Our technology enables us to offer high internet speeds up to 1 GBps to people anywhere. You don't have to be in Las Vegas or Reno in having fast and reliable internet service. By choosing ISP.Net as your High Speed Wireless Internet service provider, you have the ability to connect to the internet at any time and at any place. We can tailor our services to your specific needs. Another advantage ISP.Net enjoys from the implementation of its wireless technology is the limitations in entering a market. We don't have to dig anything up or disrupt the existing physical infrastructure in extending or upgrading our network. ISP.Net is a wireless company, and our products and services promote connecting all things wirelessly. Since taking this approach, a ISP.Net's internet connection results in the reduction in latency and degradation of signal, leading to our customers enjoying a strong and consistent internet connection.

For almost 20 years, ISP.Net has provided dependable High Speed Wireless Internet service in areas competitors simply cannot provide. ISP.Net's dedication doesn't stop there. Delivering the types of internet speeds you deserve isn't enough. ISP.Net offers exemplary customer service and technical support for all our customers. No matter how big or small, ISP.Net is there to assist regardless the hour of day or location. We match the performance of our services with the quality of customer care. It doesn't matter if you are working at a high-rise in Downtown Las Vegas, or a solar plant in Moapa Valley, ISP.Net is there to provide service. Our network is second-to-none, with the confidence to match.

No matter the location of the construction site or what time of day you are working, ISP.Net's High Speed Wireless Internet will be available for use. We are here to provide whatever service you need. Call up ISP.Net today at 702.900.0000 and tell us what internet speed you want. We'll do the rest. Our people have the expertise, ability, and desire in delivering the fastest most reliable High Speed Wireless Internet service in the market today.

Microwave Private Point-to-Point Internet

ISP.Net Microwave Metro Link is a wireless point-to-point private business network that connects any two locations in the Las Vegas valley securely at bandwidth speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second. The Wireless Metro Link offers an advantage over traditional fiber-optic cables because it eliminates costs associated with provisioning connections with the telecom company. ISP.Net Wireless Metro Link Networks are available locally only. If an interstate private connection is required, a provisioned cable link is necessary.

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