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Boulder City, Nevada High Speed Internet and Wi-Fi – Since the early 90s’, ISP.Net has been working hard to build a top-notch network. We work with highly skilled professionals around the clock to expand and improve our services so that residents and businesses in Boulder City and other cities and even rural areas in Nevada can benefit from ISP.Net’s many services that we offer. This is what makes us one of the best and most exclusive internet providers in all of Nevada. Our growth has expanded to parts California and Arizona and we continue to grow every day.

Our technical and customer support team has the resources to provide customers around the clock support, whether it be technical or billing. our friendly customer service representative extensive knowledge and techniques give us the ability for our network to function on a level that our competition cannot compare. At ISP.Net, our emphasis is on flexibility and redundancy which assures that our customers can access the Internet in all sorts of conditions where as our competitors statistically have tried and failed, Plus we are a local, company so all of your calls are answered from our offices right here in Las Vegas.

Advantages of having ISP.Net:

  • 24 hour support by our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives;
  • Our microwave connection installation is easy, quick and hassle free;
  • Installation takes no longer than a few hours;
  • No Data Caps; 
  • ISP.Net is a locally owned business with over 26 years of experience - That’s experience you can trust!

Founded in 1994, ISP.Net has the experience and know-with-all to provide the high performance residential and business solutions for your Boulder City-based home and business needs.  Contact us today at 702.900.0000 to learn more about the high-speed Internet and WI-Fi solutions available in your neighborhood today.

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