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isp.net has speeds from 1Mps to 10Gbps microwave or Wifi connections, you won't have to fuss with the inconvenience of fiber installation. We will make sure you get you the maximum Internet access with the least amount of hassle. We rank the top internet service providers in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call isp.net today to find the fastest internet speeds in your neighborhood.

Free Wi-Fi sponsored by isp.net - Las Vegas, Downtown - Free high speed Wi-Fi is provided to the whole public, whether you are a tourist or a local while strolling Downtown, Las Vegas! Our Wi-Fi is the nation's largest free Wi-Fi network with over 100 devices per square mile. isp.net's wireless network covers nearly Six square miles in the Downtown area of Las Vegas. One square mile of coverage uses at least 90 Wi-Fi hotspots. Come on and stroll through downtown and enjoy the internet powered by isp.net!

isp.net provides the highest standard of customer reliability. Our Customer Service and Technical Support Team are here for you 24 hours a day / 7 Days a week / Holidays included. Our network is built upon a foundation of flexibility and redundancy which allows our connections to always be up even when other ISP companies fail. isp.net is the recommended internet service provider for thousands throughout Nevada, California and Arizona with hundreds of new clients joining our incomparable service each week.

Looking for the best internet plans in your area? Call isp.net today! 702.900.0000 and request a quote.

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