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isp.net's round-the-clock technical and customer service support from our many offices ensures customers will remain connected 24/7 no matter what circumstances arise. Our network infrastructure is high-tier and robust, which gives us the ability to cover even the most remote places traditional internet service providers cannot. With years of top notch services and a proven track record of excellence, isp.net remains the premier choice for High Speed Wireless Internet in Las Vegas, Nevada.

isp.net's microwave network is often the best choice among available internet options, especially when installing fiber optic cable is prohibitive. Microwave radio travels in a line of sight path. This can be a shorter distance than a signal travels in a fiber cable network, if the cable is not set up to carry signals in a straight direction. There are often fewer switches and routers that signals travel through with a microwave network compared to a fiber cable network. This can mean fewer points in the network where an apparatus that carries a signal can potentially impair performance.

For over 25 years, isp.net has been providing among the highest quality internet available anywhere. We are a tried and true source for all top performance internet needs.

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