89179 Las Vegas, Nevada, High Speed Internet

isp.net's high speed wireless microwave network provides internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps to 10 Mbps. Our microwave internet stays up and running no matter the weather or the conditions. Installation is hassle free, and a connection most of the time be installed in just of a couple of hours.

isp.net's round-the-clock technical and customer service support from our many offices
ensures customers will remain connected 24/7 no matter what circumstances arise. Our network infrastructure is high-tier and robust, which gives us the ability to cover even the most remote places traditional internet service providers cannot. With years of top notch services and a proven track record of excellence, isp.net remains the premier choice for High Speed Wireless Internet in Las Vegas, Nevada.

5 Reasons to Choose isp.net for High Speed Internet Solutions 

  • 24 hour customer support by our awesome highly trained team
  • Microwave connection that is hassle free Network designed for nearly 100% uptime
  • Wireless Internet is the best choice in inclement weather
  • No Data Caps!
  • Only Locally Owned Company in Las Vegas

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