89170 Las Vegas, Nevada, High Speed Internet

isp.net has been providing the best in internet service to Las Vegas, Nevada nearly 25 years. We are the tried and true solution for all of your internet needs. Over the years, demand for internet service has grown and isp.net's staff has grown with it, increasing our capabilities. isp.net offers the best in high speed microwave internet. Microwave internet delivers internet speeds comparable to fiber optic cable, and can reach places where fiber optic cable cannot.

isp.net's network infrastructure is top-tier and robust,
which allows us to deliver internet service to the most remote places traditional ISPs can't. With over two decades of top-end service and a verifiable track record of excellence, isp.net remains the best High Speed Internet in Las Vegas.

isp.net's microwave network is top tier and is designed for 99.999% uptime. It operates through a network of radio relays located throughout Nevada. Microwave broadcast travels at close to the speed of light. The network provides internet speeds of up to 1 Gpbs without difficulty.

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