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isp.net has an around-the-clock customer service department and technical support team that will keep your network receiving optimal speeds. With isp.net's microwave internet, you'll be able to drop the hassles with that cumbersome fiber installation, ensuring you will the get maximum Internet access.

isp.net's network works anywhere! We will connect your internet in your apartment complex, casino, your mobile home in any trailer park, your local gym, your neighborhood park, or even at a temporary construction site while your new home is being built. At isp.net, the possibilities are endless.

Our high speed microwave network is designed with unmatched flexibility.  isp.net can reach areas that are difficult to serve with standard fiber cable. Our network is designed for almost 100% uptime. Our Equipment is kept in a cold spare state in case a situation develops that requires the use of duplicate equipment. The network has a back-up power supply.

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