89127 Las Vegas, Nevada, High Speed Internet

Our microwave network can reach almost anywhere. The best in high speed Internet is available whether is the largest high-rise downtown Las Vegas or the most simple apartment off the strip. We can connect your internet to your hotel or motel room, in casinos at a convention at a casino or even your retail shop in a shopping mall.

Advantages of having isp.net: 24 hour support by our friendly, knowledgeable customer service and technical support team; Our microwave connection installation is easy, quick and hassle free; isp.net's network is designed for a 99.999% uptime; High Speed Internet is the best choice in the inclement weather; isp.net is a locally owned business with over 24 years' experience (That's experience you can trust!)

High speed Internet provided by isp.net is without a doubt the way to go! isp.net provides high speed connections and Wi-Fi throughout the entirety of Las Vegas, parts of California, and now most recently in Arizona. Our coverage continues to grow on a daily basis, signing up hundreds of new business and residential clients a month and our staff and capabilities continue grow. isp.net's service has spread to multiple cities over the past couple years we plan to keep that expansion going.

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