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isp.net is the best option for delivering high speed Internet to homes and businesses everywhere in Las Vegas. Wi-Fi eliminates the need for a cable installation. Service is provided through isp.net's high speed microwave network which is top tier, and time tested. We have been providing the best in Internet service for nearly 25 years, and have the capabilities to provide for high speed Internet requirements on any scale, almost everywhere in Nevada. We also reach places in Arizona and California.

isp.net’s technical support team offers the expertise and resources needed to address every complication that may arise 24 hours a day (including weekends and holidays). Our staffs' knowledge and expertise gives the techniques and the ability for our network to function on a level that our competition cannot compete with. At isp.net, our emphasis is on flexibility and redundancy which assures that our customers can access the Internet in all sorts of conditions where other companies seem to fail.

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