89124 Fast Wi-Fi Services, Las Vegas, Nevada

isp.net has speeds from 1Mps all the way up to 10Gbps and we guarantee the maximum Internet access with the least amount of hassles. You can have high speed internet without old fashion phone service. We are the top internet service provider in your neighborhood.

Our Superior technical support team keeps isp.net's microwave network up and running regardless of weather conditions. Because of our 24/7/365 availability, we are always working around the clock to assure that you achieve get the speeds available. isp.net's technicians are trained, experienced, friendly and professional. Our microwave network performs at a level where our competition cannot.

Are you looking for Colocation? isp.net's NOC is monitored by a staff of network professionals committed to maintaining stable facility operations 24 hours a day. Automated monitoring capabilities of the NOC log the status of every IP address registered at isp.net. In the event of a server dropping its connection, the NOC's automated system alerts a network specialist with details of the event via text message. isp.net support staff is never unavailable to return immediate response time.

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