High speed Internet provided by isp.net is without a doubt the way to go! isp.net provides high speed connections and Wi-Fi throughout the whole Las Vegas Valley. Our coverage continues to grow on a daily basis, signing up hundreds of new business and residential clients each month and our staff and capabilities continue grow. isp.net's service has spread to multiple cities over the past couple years we our goal is to keep that expansion going.

Whether you use the internet to surf the web or you are a gamer or a cord-cuter,
who constantly streams to view content, isp.net can customize its service to fit your internet needs. Not to mention, we are the only locally-owned Internet Service Provider that does not cap your internet usage – NO DATA CAPS! When you sign up for any one of our residential high-speed internet packages, you can surf the internet whenever you want however long you want without worrying of going over your designated plan.

Featuring dependable 24/7 support and a time-tested network, isp.net
provides the highest standard of customer reliability. Our network is built upon a foundation of flexibility and redundancy, allowing our connections to stay up and running when the rest of our competition fails. Because of this our service extends throughout all of the Las Vegas Valley in Nevada, serving the Primm Valley, Boulder City, Pahrump, various cities also including cities in California and Arizona. In addition, isp.net's network is capable of working anywhere whether it's at park, fairground, gym, apartment complex, casino, MDU, or your mobile home in a trailer park; the possibilities are endless. We sign up new clients daily and have a perfect track record. isp.net is the best in providing high speed Internet in your neighborhood for your home and/or your business.

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If you are looking for high speed microwave internet, Wi-Fi, Colocation, or need any information for your business or residence in Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109 please call isp.net at 702-900-0000. We have customer service representatives standing by 365/24/7 for all of your internet needs!

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