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Are you considering high speed internet or Wifi options in 89108? isp.net provides the best in high speed wireless microwave internet in the area. isp.net's high speed microwave network operates through a series of radio relays located all through Nevada. Its coverage area is vast, including even remote desert locations. Our network is always expanding, including into areas with limited access to fiber cable or power supplies. It is sometimes possible to receive high speed microwave internet service with only access to local solar generated power. isp.net's technical staff keep the network running at all hours of the day, 365 days a year.

Microwave broadcast travels at close to the speed of light, providing internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps without difficulty. Our network is flexible and can reach areas where installing cable is difficult, time consuming, or expensive. Setting up a microwave internet connection is hassle free. isp.net can sometimes set up a connection in one day. We are able to service almost any type of property with our microwave network. This includes hotels/motels, office complexes, multi-story business towers, residences, and convention facilities. Our network can provide high speed internet or Wifi in areas that are difficult to serve such as RV facilities, campgrounds, vacant plots of land, and desert areas without access to fiber cable.

Microwave broadcast travels in a line of sight path. This can be a more direct path than a signal takes in a fiber cable network if the cable network is not set up to carry signals in a straight direction. A shorter path of travel can reduce the time it takes for a signal to reach its destination point. There are often fewer switches and routers that a signal travels through with microwave internet compared to fiber cable. This can reduce the chance that the limitations of any equipment that a signal travels through could impair transmission of data.

The network is designed for 99.999% uptime. Carrier grade radios are used on major backbone points. The networks power design is redundant. Equipment used is standardized and kept in a "cold spare" state in the event that technical staff determine that using duplicate equipment is the best option in any particular situation.

isp.net provides private point to point networks in 89108. P2P networks use a microwave connection to connect computers and devices. Speeds of up to 1 Gbps can be provided. P2P networks can satisfy all voice, video, and data requirements. P2P networks can link locations in different cities that are miles apart. Virtual private networks are also available from isp.net in 89108. VPNs use an internet connection to connect equipment instead of using direct microwave links. VPN transmissions are secured with tunneling protocol and data encryption.

For over 20 years, isp.net has been providing the best in internet service in Las Vegas where we are both headquartered and committed to being the top local internet service provider. Please call us today at 702.900.0000 with any questions about internet needs in 89108. We will be there to provide service on any scale imaginable.

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