89084 North Las Vegas, Nevada, High Speed Internet

The Best Internet and Wi-Fi Providers need to keep up with the times to provide you with the best service! isp.net's network continues to grow each day and so does our capabilities as an internet company. With services extending to Primm Valley, Jean, Las Vegas, Pahrump, Mt. Charleston, etc. isp.net has the ability to meet all of your Internet needs.

Our Technical staff keeps isp.net's microwave network up and running regardless of conditions 99.999% of the time. Aside from having the highest uptime in Nevada we pride ourselves on having the best customer service team in Las Vegas, not to mention, we are available 24/7/365 with technicians standing by in case of an internet crisis. isp.net's technicians and customer support service department are highly trained and experienced. Our microwave network performs remarkably regardless of all weather or climate conditions. We far exceed any of our local and out-of state competition and we are unmatched by our flexibility and redundancy.

isp.net's Residential and Business High Speed Internet and Wi-Fi service in North Las Vegas, Nevada 89084 provides businesses and residents with fast, reliable, secure, and an always-up internet connection. With speed packages available to satisfy everyone in your family or office, isp.net is the most sought after internet service provider in Las Vegas. Whether you use the internet to surf the web, you are a gamer, or a cord-cuter who constantly streams to view content, isp.net can customize its service to fit your internet needs. Not to mention, we are the only locally-owned Internet Service Provider that does not cap your internet usage – NO DATA CAPS!

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