89053 Henderson, Nevada High Speed Internet

Do you need high speed Internet or Wi-Fi in Henderson, Nevada 89053? isp.net has been delivering the most reliable Internet service for over two decades. isp.net's high speed microwave Internet provides the highest speeds and caliber in Henderson, Nevada. Our technicians are vastly trained and experienced, they are available 24 hours a day year round to maintain our microwave network and keep it running regardless of the weather, climate or whatever else may come up.

isp.net installs high speed microwave Internet in all types of buildings in Las Vegas including the smallest apartment buildings to the largest business facilities. We cover many different complexes, hotels, motels, Trailer Park Homes, Casinos, and Conventions that are in town; even temporary locations while construction sites are being built up from the ground up.

isp.net's Residencial High Speed Internet and Wi-Fi service in Henderson, Nevada provides residents and business owners fast, reliable, and a secure internet connection. With various speed packages to satisfy everyone for multiple uses in every home, isp.net is the chosen internet service provider that Las Vegas residents have grown to depend on.

Reasons to Choose isp.net for Henderson High Speed Internet Solutions

  • 24 hour support by our highly trained customer support technicians
  • Microwave connection installation is quick and hassle free
  • In most cases you can schedule the same week
  • Network designed for almost 100% uptime
  • isp.net is a locally owned business with over 24 years' experience

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