89032 Fast Wi-Fi Services North Las Vegas, Nevada

isp.net's Top Tier Internet service can provide for any Internet need imaginable. You name it, we serve it. MDUs, Conventions, Small Businesses, Big Businesses, short term internet, casinos, etc.

isp.net's wireless network is designed for 99.999% uptime using different procedures. This includes a redundant network that enables auto optimization. isp.net's network is programed to re-route data to guarantee that your data travels in the most effective path. It maintains the same levels of available bandwidth through the use of adaptive code modulation techniques and other technologies. isp.net's Tier 1 wireless Internet service can provide for any Internet need imaginable.

5 Reasons to Choose isp.net for High Speed Internet Solutions

  • 24 hour customer support by our awesome highly trained team
  • Microwave connection that is hassle free Network designed for nearly 100% uptime
  • Wireless Internet is the best choice in inclement weather
  • No Data Caps!
  • Only Locally Owned Company in Las Vegas

isp.net's installation technicians and field technicians are qualified, trained and experienced. We all work together with other managers and technical staff within our company to install a configuration.

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