89025 Moapa, Nevada High Speed Internet

isp.net serves rural areas in Nevada, California and Arizona, areas that no other Wireless Internet Providers are able to. Our network can reach areas that are difficult to service with fiber cable and is designed for 99.999% uptime.

isp.net offers Rural High Speed Microwave Internet to the most remote corners of the Desert.  Whether it is your office building, apartment, an MDU, R.V. trailer park, temporary construction site, alternative energy, mining, or something else, no job is too small (or large) for isp.net to take on. Our service covers any location no matter the climate, conditions, or altitude. isp.net's network is more than capable of providing speeds up to 1Gbps without issue. With isp.net's microwave wireless, you'll be able slide right through the hassles that come with fiber installation, guaranteeing that you get maximum Internet access with the least amount of problems.

With over 24 years of excellent technical and customer service support team, isp.net high speed wireless/microwave Internet is guaranteed to stay up and running no matter what the circumstance is. Our technical support and customer support is available 24/7 and our network features redundancy on a scale that cannot compare to the competition. With isp.net, you can be assured that your connection stays up no matter how busy things get or what the weather conditions are.

Do you need High Speed Internet in the middle of the desert? isp.net can serve you in the rural areas of Nevada and other surrounding states.

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